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Iago is not happy with Cassio because of his position as a lieutenant.

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Show More. At the time the play was written, , even the Queen of England was racist so there must have been a strong hatred o His love perishes from a collision with the world of ambition and profit incarnated in Iago. Othello: This is main character in the play. Kylie Garcia. Othello was known as a noble Moor and had attained the highest military position, and therefore must have had the fullest confidence of the state and the senate.

This is because Iago thought the position of a lieutenant will be conferred to him by Othello but rather Othello give it to Cassio. For this reason Iago plots a fight between Rodrigo and Cassio. As a result of the fight, Cassio loses his identity as a lieutenant. Because of the love Cassio has for his position as a lieutenant, he decides to plead with Desdemona to plead with her husband Othello on his behalves so that he can be reinstated in his position as lieutenant. Iago uses this opportunity to plot another dispute as he tells Othello Cassio is having an affair with his wife Desdemona.

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Iago makes Othello to believe him by providing proves like the handkerchief scene. The effects of this is the death of Desdemona. She marries Othello against the wish of her father. Desdemona is an epitome of a true loving and caring wife. But Iago plots her to be an unfaithful wife in the eyes of her husband which leads to her death.

She represent the characteristics of a good wife but falls victim to a flaw that she is not responsible for. Due to his marriage with Othello, Cassio thinks she will be the soft spot he can use to convince Othello to reinstate him in his position as lieutenant of his army. But this only leads to her doom as Iago manipulated it to look Cassio is having an affair with her which leads to her death.

Through Rodrigo we realize that Desdemona identity as a very pretty lady. For this reason Iago tends to exploit him with the intention that he will work things out between him Rodrigo and Desdemona. One striking thing about his identity is that he is racist.

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He is not happy that his daughter wants to marry a black person. He views this as a degradation of his family prestige. But he is left with no choice when her daughter says she will marry Othello. From the above characters and their identity traits, we can say Shakespeare Othello, the moor of Venice is a play that explore various identity traits in characters. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Your time is important. Get essay help. Iago is simply just trying to gain Othello's trust.

Shakespeare's Othello - Othello's Relationship with Iago and Iago's Motive

This isshown when Iago talks about killing Roderigo because he was saying bad thingsabout Othello. He is a respected general, but less respected as a person, because of his dark skin and foreign roots. He is an honest man, and believes that people are honest. This makes him naive in many ways. Othello is a passionate man, and deeply loves DesdemonaDesdemona: Desdemona is loyal, faithful, and passionately loves Othello.

She is shrewd and wise, but is very subtle about it.

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Iago: Iago is Othello's sword-bearer. He has been passed over for the position of Revenge is a constant theme throughout the play Othello. It is portrayed through the character Iago.

Iago is determined to destroy Othello and his loved ones. This retribution is a result of Othello promoting Cassio to the position of lieutenant. The theme of revenge is the motivation of Iago's hatred toward Othello. In the beginning of the play, Iago feels betrayed by his good friend, Othello. Through many years of loyalty and service Iago is "[i]n personal suit to make [himself] [Othello's] lieutenant" When Othello has to choose his lieutenant, he appoints Cassio. Iago feels hurt and betrayed, and realizes Analysis of Jealousy in William Shakespeare's Othello Jealousy is described as someone who is feeling or showing envy of someone because of their achievements and advantages.

There are many instances throughout the play that show jealousy between the characters. Throughout the play, jealousy is used for destructive purposes only. I believe that Iago longed to get revenge on Othello for previous issues. This only results in a long line of accusations and disputes between the characters in Othello.

Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice (1981, starring William Marshall)

In Othello, one of the most significant scenes that portrays jealousy is when Othello has been described as William Shakespeare's most perfect play. Since , this Shakespearantragedy has captivated audiences of all ages. The play begins when Othello, a Moorish nobleman and soldier of fortune, unconsciously evokes the spiritof evil in the villainous Iago by choosing Cassio as his lieutenant and not him.

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Partly for vengeance, but mostly for wicked delight, Iago soon plans to bring about the downfall of Othello and his new officer. Act IScene I. A street. An open place Othello - Othello's Honor The play Othello exemplifies the themes of jealousy and chicanery. The play begins when Othello, a general in the Venetian army has angered Iago a member of the army by appointing Cassio another army officer to the lieutenant position.

Iago feels that he is more deserving of the promotion than Cassio and decides that he will stop at nothing to get back at both Othello and Cassio.

Iago decides that he will get revenge on Othello by using his wife, Desdemona.