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Capital Punishment

Capital punishment, which once was a widely spread sentence in the judiciary system, in the 21st century occurs only in 56 of the countries. Most of the countries have abolished this type of punishment, replaced with life imprisonment as the highest possible measure.

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This is a topic of high importance that involves numerous aspects and is very difficult to come to terms with by its nature. To figure out your personal attitude towards this phenomenon, you might need to do extensive research and check some papers from archives.

If you have such assignment, make sure to check samples of essays on the topic in question, and preferably make an outline, so it will be easier to write an persuasive essay with a clear introduction and argumentative conclusion. Should the death penalty be abolished? Would you ever want to be put in that situation? I assume your answer is no. Every year there are thousands of people who are innocent and are put on death row, only a few of Death Penalty 2 Pages.

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Death Penalty Emma 4 Pages. Death Penalty Murder 2 Pages. On the other hand, many people or activists think that criminals are also humans so they also deserve another chance to rectify themselves to become a better citizen in future. From these facts, I would maintain that, no human-being happens to be an insurgent, criminal or terrorist by birth.

It is just the time which plays as a best teacher for some and worst for some.

With Out Capital punishment The death Penalty our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Do you agree or disagree? Death is same for both good people and as well as bad people criminals. Fear of death is the deepest and strongest fear in the humane race.

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Nobody raise hand aganist this point. But here the question is whether capital punishment is essential to controle violence in society? Can We use this fear of death to controle violence?

Capital Punishment

Killing a person who was killed other person. How far it is correct? In Recent years, If we see some crimes. As i already mentioned inherited death will be there in all living creatures in this universe. We can user this fear of death to prevent crime in society by installing the fear in peoples mind by hanging the criminal in the crime like nirbhaya case in India.

If some body ask the question, How far it is correct to kill a person with the name of punishment, then deffinetly my answer is "yes it is correct" Because we have to see the intention behind killing the person. A soldier killing an enemy is not at all a crime but a person who was killed other person for the sake of money is deffinetly a crime.

Similarly killing a person who was killed other person is to prevent the crime and to make justice to the victim. Capital punishment is not a new concept to us, It is there from our ancient times. So i can conclude my argument as capital punishment is essential to controle violance in society along with efforts to chnage the idiology and way of thinking of criminals. There should be strong system not to misuse the capital punishment,other wise it may cause furthermore violence in society instead of decrease violence in society.

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You and other residents disagree with this and want. Writing Task 1. Writing Task 2. Letter Feedback.

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Essay Feedback. Writing Band 7. Sep 13, why give a chance to criminals??? Criminals are not be trusted easily. A capital punishment in only when a crime is crossing the boundaries of humanities goes off. Crimes like murder, rape are not a kind of a mistake that a person one it bcoz he or she is may not conscious are u really kidding, it is a crime so for the crimes which are shameful to humanities and man kindness, so they should not b forgiven by just putting a person into a jail.

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They have no right to live in a society, in a world bcoz they are not called as humans they are devils and w all know well where the devils from the world have to go. Capital Punishment by Azam Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Without capital punishment the death penalty our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase.

Apr 01, helpful by: Harshil Thank you so much for writing essay for me it would be helpful for me in future. Oct 07, capital punishment in Pakistan by: Anonymous Nice effort. Oct 12, Irrelevant by: Anonymous Well u havent mentioned what are the side effect for capital punishment Hundreds of more will stand Ex Sadam Hussain So sometimes it is not helpful infact it is harmful. Death Penalty by sadineni Bangalore With Out Capital punishment The death Penalty our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase.

Copy and paste your essay into a word document or similar and they should show up underlined so you can see them. Mar 31, Which band can i expect for this essay by: Anonymous Could you please help me to know which band can i get for the above essay.