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Types of Essays: End the Confusion

Logical organization refers to works that express a point or position using evidence. A functional organization system is used to explain how or why things work. The following types of writing might use this organization pattern most effectively. Spatial organization is used in essays that describe or give direction concerning a physical location. The purpose of developing and understanding organization patters is to help our brains set the stage and know what to expect.

These patterns help us to build a framework in our minds and place information in the correct "places" on that framework. Once you determine the overall organization of any text, you'll be better equipped to process information as you read. When writing your essays and chapters, you should keep your intended organizational pattern in mind as you work, to provide your readers with a clear message that is easily processed.

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Expository Essay

ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The reverse outline will help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both your organization and your argument.

Why you want organization. . .

Read the draft and take notes Read your draft over, and as you do so, make very brief notes in the margin about what each paragraph is trying to accomplish. The outline might look like this:. Examine the Outline Look for repetition and other organizational problems.

Re-examine the Thesis, the Outline, and the Draft Together Look closely at the outline and see how well it supports the argument in your thesis statement. You should be able to see which paragraphs need rewriting, reordering or rejecting. You may find some paragraphs are tangential or irrelevant or that some paragraphs have more than one idea and need to be separated.

Find a Friend, your T. People are more accustomed to talking than writing, so it might be beneficial to explain your thinking out loud to someone before organizing the essay. Talking to someone about your ideas may also relieve pressure and anxiety about your topic.

How to Write an Essay - Basic Essay Structure in 3 Minutes

It is likely that the order in which you present your ideas and evidence to your listener is a logical way to arrange them in your paper. This fact should tell you that you probably need to discuss private enterprise near the beginning. Take Notes You and your listener should keep track of the way you explain your paper.

Principles of Organization

Get Your Listener to Ask Questions As the writer, it is in your interest to receive constructive criticism so that your draft will become stronger. Do you consider it a good or bad thing? Questions you need to think about will probably make you realize that you need to explain more your paper.

Readers need paragraph breaks in order to organize their reading. Writers need paragraph breaks to organize their writing. A paragraph break indicates a change in focus, topic, specificity, point of view, or rhetorical strategy. The paragraph should have one main idea; the topic sentence expresses this idea.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing 5 Types of Essays

The paragraph should be organized either spatially, chronologically, or logically. The movement may be from general to specific, specific to general, or general to specific to general. All paragraphs must contain developed ideas: comparisons, examples, explanations, definitions, causes, effects, processes, or descriptions. Put Paragraphs into Sections You should be able to group your paragraphs so that they make a particular point or argument that supports your thesis.

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If any paragraph, besides the introduction or conclusion, cannot fit into any section, you may have to ask yourself whether it belongs in the essay. Re-examine each Section Assuming you have more than one paragraph under each section, try to distinguish between them.

Expository Essay

Perhaps you have two arguments in favor of that can be distinguished from each other by author, logic, ethical principles invoked, etc. Write down the distinctions — they will help you formulate clear topic sentences. Re-examine the Entire Argument Which section do you want to appear first?