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Getting Started in Creative Writing (Online)

The point of a notebook is to jumpstart the mind — John Dunne. In addition to my freelancing I am a poet.

Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

That notebook I have been keeping of words, impressions, phrases and thoughts for years is my jump starter for many a poem. Lots of good quotes there, Gary. Great for fiction writers, also essayists. Hi Sherry, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Even though I tend to have one main notebook at any time I find myself writing notes on all kinds of scraps of paper.

But I find it does help to jumpstart the mind and get the creative juices flowing. No excuses for not writing today. All the research and information is at the click of a key. Happy writing — however you have to do it, There is no high like accomplishment. Hi Marie, I agree. Actually I can remember typing newsletters for a local organisation on special sheets which I understand were used in a Gestetner machine.

Thanks for your comment.

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I love them all, esp. They are indeed the hardest and scariest but once you start — everything else kind of fall into place. Hi Linda, thank you and welcome.

How Do You Start Writing?

Please let me know if you have any issues receiving it. I love that you took the time to find all these inspirational quotes to help all writers jump start their work. These two quotations describe the state of the writer, right before he starts. Also, it made me think about my students who are asked to write. For some, there is a problem for inspiration while for others, there is the reality of not seeing something to write about.

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July 23, at pm. Janet Contursi says:. Cheri says:. Sherry Hanson says:. Marie Pinschmidt says:. Sara says:. July 24, at am. Linda Daunter says:. This could be something small like a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee. Or you may take a five minute break as a reward to go for a walk or to do some stretches in your chair. You may also use social events as rewards for getting your writing done.

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For example, you may reward yourself with a night out with friends once you get a certain number of pages done. Or you may reward yourself with dinner with your partner once you hit a certain word count. Method 3. Use a current event as a writing prompt. Open a newspaper or go online and scroll through the news on your social media pages. Use an interesting current event as a prompt for your writing.

This is a good option if you are struck trying to write creatively and do not know where to start or how to come up with a story idea. Imagine you are a character involved the current event or one of the witnesses of the event.

Then, write about it. Or you may use a recent political event as a story idea. Write a letter in the voice of your main character.

If you are not sure how to write in the voice of a character in your story, try writing a letter from their point of view. Address the letter to another character in your story or to you, the author. Respond to this prompt in the voice of your main character.

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Write from a perspective opposite from your own. Another way to get into writing is try writing from an opposing perspective. This prompt can work well for creative writing or academic writing, such as a position paper. Writing from a different perspective can help you explore different points of view and get your creative juices flowing.

This may help you realize who the opposition is and what their views are. It can then make it easier for you to start writing your paper. Use a quote from a source text as a prompt. If you are struggling to get started on an academic paper or essay, pull a quote from a source text and use it as a prompt.

Choose a quote that you find inspiring or interesting. Write it down and then write about what you think it means in the context of the text. Reflect on its significance as well as what it might be missing or any parts that you find unclear or confusing. You can then use this content to continue writing your essay or paper. For example, if you are writing a paper about a literary text, you may pull a quote or a scene from the text and use it as a writing prompt.

On Writing Better: Getting Started

Remember to keep any prompts or subject focus from your professor in mind as you write. Do one writing prompt a day. If you are looking for a writing prompt to get your mind going and help you put something down on the page, search online for fun, short prompts. Select one prompt a day and do a timed freewrite using the prompt. From prompts on writing in the perspective of an animal to writing about a dream, you can find a prompt to inspire you and get you writing. For example, you may try doing 10 minute freewrites in the morning before work or school to get your ideas going.

Or you can do a 10 minute freewrite before you start on an essay or short story to get your creative juices flowing. Method 4. Make a cluster map around a topic or theme. If you are struggling to get started on an essay or paper, use a cluster map. Write down the main topic or theme of your paper. Then, cluster ideas and thoughts around the topic or theme.

Circle each idea and draw a line from the idea to the main topic. Put down as many ideas as you can think of around the topic or theme. Then, read it over and pick ideas that you find inspiring to start your paper. Create a list of writing ideas. You can also brainstorm by making a list of possible ideas for your writing.

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Hi Elna, Thanks for the info. Reply to Audrey. Thank you so much for such an informative and inspirational post. As for having a WordPress site, I strongly feel this is the best way to go. Hi Trudy, Thanks so much! I see you have a lot of experience with writing! Click here to save your spot.