Florian marquardt thesis

Quantum nondemolition measurement of mechanical motion quanta

Ducci, G.

SPICE Quantum Acoustics Workshop - Florian Marquardt - Light, Sound, and Topology

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People – Photons and Matter

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1 About myself; 2 CV Florian Marquardt; 3 Employment; 4 Education; 5 Awards, Germany; Diploma thesis on vortex motion in superconductors (with Prof. Florian Marquardt (b. ) studied physics in Bayreuth (diploma ). In , he defended his PhD thesis at the university of Basel, Switzerland. From there.

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http://lozol.top/mobile-phone-monitoring-application-reviews-galaxy-a80.php Bichler, K. Eberl, and J.

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Introduction to quantum noise, measurement, and amplification Aashish A. Clerk , Michel H. Coupling graphene mechanical resonators to superconducting microwave cavities.

Chang , Adrian Bachtold.