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House on Mango Street

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At the beginning of the Female Ethnic Bildungsroman, Esperanza is a young Chicana girl, who just moved with her family into the house in the Latino section of Chicago. Esperanza tells the stories of her neighbours, her friends and about the experiences she makes. Some people make her feel ashamed because of her home and her cultural background. While Esperanza tells the stories of her neighbourhood, the reader can see her growing up; how she gets into puberty, when she has got her first sexual experiences and see her becoming a woman.

Finally Esperanza finds her own way to get along with her life on Mango Street.

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Topic #1. Discuss the narrative voice and technique of The House on Mango Street. Outline I. Thesis Statement: In The House on Mango Street, Cisneros. Free House on Mango Street papers, essays, and research papers. My thesis states that a conflict is some kind of a problem or quarrel; many people have.

When Esperanza tells about her life she uses different symbols to describe more personally her feelings, dreams and thoughts. The main symbol, which stands above everything, is the symbol of the house.

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, Overview, Characterization, Symbols, and Themes

Esperanza compares the house to the symbols home,. In WriteWork. It was easy to identify with Esperanza.

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We were both artsy and melancholy and determined in our own way. What was more difficult to grasp, though, was the reality of the future.

Along came Sandra Cisneros. A young brown woman from a working class family writing books and traveling the world and coming home only to herself. Not a fictional character, but a real person.

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Could it be? It would deliver me, or so I thought. It would prevent me from being burdened by relationships when I could be reading and writing and eating and dancing and living. I now think it could be quite nice to belong to someone, that it could enhance my life instead of taking away from it. That thought could change at any moment.

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