The veldt critical essay

Essay on the veldt

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Published by Nora Dawson Modified over 3 years ago. What might the concerns of a text written at this time be? How might people have viewed the introduction of the television into family homes? What would you associate with a veldt? What atmosphere might it create?

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Is this an appropriate name? What assumption does the name make? What are your initial impressions of the nursery? What is the atmosphere created during the initial encounter with the nursery and how is it created?

Essay on the veldt

What is the intended purpose of the nursery? How do they each feel about the nursery? Give evidence. When the lions start running, Lydia runs away. Why does Lydia want the children not to read any more on Africa?

Critical Analysis Of "The Veldt"

How do the children feel about the nursery and what is the evidence of this? What effect does she feel the house is having on her and her husband? Give evidence of this change. What are he and Lydia worried about with regards to the nursery and the children? Look at the word choice and similes used in the initial description of Wendy and Peter. Analyse what these suggest about the children and explain why you think Bradbury does this. What is the relationship between Wendy and Peter like and how can you tell? What does this suggest about the relationship between the children and their parents?

What is the significance of George finding his wallet? What are the parents beginning to realise about their relationship with their children in section 5? How would you describe Peter and his attitude towards the house being switched off in section 6? What signs are there that the nursery could be becoming real? What is significant about the scarf? What does it remind you of from earlier in the story?

What does it imply the nursery has become? Why does Peter wail at the ceiling? What has George recognised about their reliance on technology? What does he want to achieve by switching off the machines? Why do you think Bradbury ends the story with this gruesome twist? What is he trying to show us? We are not told what happens to him. What do you think will happen? Justify your answer. What is the atmosphere in this final section and how is it created?

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Instinctively George sprang after her. He could feel it on his neck still, like a hot paw. Timing is always just too late. Is it a correct assumption? What is the irony? Many shadows flickered. Intertwined with this are lessons of greed and inattention. Almost immediately the technology of the time is introduced by the stove that is cooking a meal without the help of human hands.

Like many parents they wanted the best for their children but lost sight of what was truly important along the way. He starts to insinuate that the children prefer the house to their parents because it has assumed their roles. Neither parent is involved in any aspect of their lives because the house can do it all.

The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can?

I cannot. They have allowed the ultimate in convenience technology to rob their family of any feeling of closeness that comes about from obligations, love, conversation and simple interactions. By the time anything is decided upon to make a change to the direction of their lives it is too late. The parents have realized their mistake and are taking measures against their past infractions.

However, their path has been set and they are unable to avoid their fate at the hands of their own children.