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These unnecessary details slow down your writing and bog down your readers. I walked up the three steps on my front porch, put my key in my newly painted front door, and opened it casually. My jaw dropped to the floor when I opened the door. Eight of my best friends were packed tightly like sardines in the corner, each holding colorful Happy Birthday signs.

How to write an ideal descriptive essay?

Jan 21, Descriptive essays can be the easiest essays to write, once you come up with a good topic. Here is some bits of advice and a nice long list of. Jan 17, How to write a descriptive essay is an important question. Strat with successful descriptive essay topic. Check our list and pick a topic for an.

Happy Birthday! This paragraph provides too many irrelevant details. Do readers really need to know how many steps are on your front porch, or do they need to know your door was freshly painted? Of course not. Here, senses literally refers to your 5 senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. Including the other senses creates more vivid imagery. Think about describing a bakery. Your first thought might be to describe your television, your couch, or anything else immediately in front of you, but really, how fascinating can a couch be?

Why not write about something a bit more interesting, like one of these topics. You might be tempted to write about this experience, but unless it was truly unique, consider skipping those boring ideas and go with a more unusual topic like one of the five listed here. Yes, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich might be considered a process, but these types of how-to processes read more like directions, rather than a description of a process.

Choose a topic like one listed below that allows for more discussion and description.

What is a Descriptive Essay and How Does it Differ from a Simple Description?

With these three tips in mind, it will be easy to turn your fascinating and unusual topic into a superb essay. Do you remember when teachers told you to show, not tell? Click here to learn more about using this strategy in your own descriptive essay. Get inspiration from over , example essays. Describe the design of the rooms and details you liked the most in a particular room. Did you have paintings or a library in your house?

What times have you visited the museum? Who has also visited the museum with you? How often do you visit exhibitions and museums? How many floors does the museum have? Does this museum have a history? Were the museum staff members friendly to you? Did you liked the design of the admission tickets? Compare this museum to any other you have ever visited. What distinctive characteristics does this museum have?

21 Descriptive Essay Topics Cheat Sheet

How is the museum zoned? Tell about your trip around the museum and tell what you have seen there. Sum up the overall experience of your visit. Maybe some of the most unforgettable memories we get are from vacations. Have you already had a perfect vacation?

Where did you go? When did the vacation take place? Describe the hotel or place where you have stayed. What climate is usual for this particular region?

What was the weather like in those days? Who came with you? How long did the vacation last? What interesting event happened during your vacation? What did you like the most? If you have met interesting people there or went on a trip, describe this too. Summarize your essay with your overall impression from the vacation. For those who live in a region where snow is an accident, it will be a great topic to write about. If you live in a region where snow is an ordinary part of winter, you can write about the day when it was extremely snowy weather.

Usually on this day you can experience new feelings or see the extreme beauty of nature. As an option, if you have traveled to mountains with snowy peaks, you can describe your journey in detail.

Descriptive essay topics

Where would you go with your partner? What would you be doing? What feelings would you experience? What would you be talking about? What smells would be in the air? Would it be day or night? How would you and your partner be dressed?

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What about the overall atmosphere? What music would be playing, or would it instead be the sounds of nature?

Summarize how the ideal date should end and what emotions would exist between the couple. Have you ever experienced a sense of shivering from a marvelous view? This moment can catch you anywhere: in childhood it may be climbing on a high tree and watching the neighborhood, or visiting the top floor of a skyscraper. What did you see?

21 Descriptive Essay Topics Cheat Sheet

What made this view inspiring? Describe every detail: time of the day, location, date, weather, surrounding buildings and nature, people, scents, etc. What feelings have you experienced? Sum up the writing with explaining why this moment is so special for you.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Expert Tips, 40 Topics and Examples

Start with telling about your favorite holiday. Why do you like it the most? Tell some words about the origins of this holiday and how you usually celebrate it. Is it a family holiday? Do you need to decorate a house? What makes this holiday so special to you? With whom have you spent this holiday? Describe something memorable or interesting you did. Explain what has brought you the most joy. Summarize your essay with explaining the meaning of this holiday to you. If you have a favorite singer or band, you can describe one of the most memorable concerts you have attended.

Describe when and where the concert took place. Describe the building and the concert hall.

What kind of people went to the concert? What were they dressed in? What was the overall atmosphere? Describe how the concert began and how the public behaved during the concert. What was the music quality? Sum up with a description of the concert ending and what senses you experienced during the concert. Nearly every human has experienced a sleepless night: preparing an essay before the deadline, walking with a beloved one all the night long, watching a film, or partying hard in a club. Think about the most interesting sleepless night you ever experienced.

Where were you at that time? What were you doing? Who was with you? Was it hard to stay up all night? What funny or extraordinary situations happened to you?