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On the whole, one finds nature in full bloom during the spring season. The summer season is the time of tournaments and sports.

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Swimming contests are usually held in summer. Sport contests and other activities are also organized during, the summer season. It is also a time when blood circulates in our bodies at a normal pace.

With the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, there is a proper circulation of blood in our bodies. The rich get the opportunity to go to hill stations. Aristocratic families proceed to health resorts and spend summer season there.

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Hill stations wear a majestic look during this period. They are packed with people. If not in school function you can use the information in any debate or talk.

Below we have provided yet another set of 10 lines on summer season for your information. This fourth set will be helpful to you in school events, prepare for speeches and debate competitions. You can also use these 10 points in your class to tell your classmates to be ready for summer and summer vacation.

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During summer season, the temperature increases so much that it becomes intolerable for everyone. In rural areas, the water sources such as ponds, wells etc mostly dry up and might also lead to water scarcity. People, especially children fall ill more often in summer season due to scorching heat. Summer also brings various mouth watering fruits like mangoes, water melons, cucumbers, papayas, coconuts etc which helps to fight the scorching heat and relaxes our body.

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Long and Short Essay on Summer Season in English. Summer Season Essay 1 ( words). Summer is the hottest season having longest days and shortest. We have provided an essay on summer season for kids and school students. In summer the days grow long and the night becomes short.

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