T.s. eliot essay on hamlet

Hamlet and His Problems

The Hamlet essay is definitely not one of Eliot's more eloquent criticisms. I don't think he ever retracted it later in life. What young literary critic wouldn't want to make a bold claim by declaring what is arguably one of the greatest English dramas as a poorly written excuse for a tragedy?

This is topic we have discussed in the past, Carlo: Hamlet , the full and complete text of it, is not as great of a tragedy as many chalk it up to be there is a reason that it was not originally performed in its entirety — the author clearly had to make cuts. While Eliot may not have articulated his points as best her could, he presents a legitimate argument. Perhaps Hamlet has just become another household name. Being the second-most quoted work in the English world behind the Bible, of course , Hamlet has engraved itself in our minds.

While Eliot clearly could have done a better job constructing his critique we all know he was capable of it , we should at least give him credit for challenging the literary norm.

TS Eliot does not like Hamlet

It takes a lot of guts to make such a claim — to challenge the greatness of what is considered to be such a great work. If nothing else, at least this essay opens the door for more intense examinations of the subject. After all, what better way to learn the classics than by challenging that very status? The more we argue against the classics, the more we examine the works as a whole to learn both the good AND the bad, instead of just simply declaring them exceptional, untouchable examples of literature in its highest form.

Hamlet and His Problems Lyrics

The kind of criticism that Goethe and Coleridge produced, in writing of Hamlet, is the most misleading kind possible. For they both possessed unquestionable. Hamlet and His Problems is an essay written by T.S. Eliot in that offers a critical reading of Hamlet. The essay first appeared in Eliot's The Sacred Wood.

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