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This is one of the downsides to this business of using stories instead of textbooks to teach reading. The stories are turning, themselves, into textbooks. I worry about that. Reading stories ought to be for pleasure, not schoolwork. We talk about great crimes in Newbery history, but many of us forget that Tuck Everlasting did not garner a National Book Award or any kind of a Newbery in its year. What were the Newbery winners instead? Not a bad selection by any stretch of the imagination. You can see how easily The Grey King could have slipped down and allowed Tuck to carry the gold, though.

One wonders what the arguments against it could have been. Flawless in both style and structure, it is rich in imagery and punctuated with light fillips of humor. It lingers on, haunting your waking hours, making you ponder. That classic yellow cover we all remember on the first editions of this book? And I am happy to report that Ms.

Babbitt continues to write novels to this very day. Sure as shooting, I was right.

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In Tuck Everlasting was released to the public. She has served on Newbery, written for Horn Book, and has done other lovely little things that she'd love to tell you about but that she's sure you'd find more interesting to hear of in person. Her opinions are her own and do not reflect those of EPL, SLJ, or any of the other acronyms you might be able to name.

Follow her on Twitter: fuseeight. Follow This Blog:. The writing burns from the first page. Read some of the book here. Comments shavion gibbs says:.

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For she—yes, even she—would go out of the world willy-nilly someday. More to the point, if you could keep alive forever those people in your life whom you love best, to ensure you will always be able to care for one another, what would you do? It must be quite a worry. Notify me of new comments via email. Traces the trajectory of the Philippine nationalist movement from its inception in the late nineteenth century to its deformation and co-optation by US imperialism in the early years of the 20th century through a genealogy of the rise and fall of the symbol of Rizal, the national hero.

If it has something to do with children's literature, it will rate a mention here. You can contact her at Fusenumber8 gmail.

Twitter Goodreads. Follow FuseEight Tweets by fuseeight. Chapters 22—23 Comprehension: Story Graph. Chapter 25 Literary Elements: Point of View. Note to Our Readers: You will notice that the book gets two reviewers. Because we believe two opinions are generally more helpful than one opinion.

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This fantasical children's novel was published in Over the years, more than two million copies have been sold. It is considered a classic. The first is the arrival of Mae Tuck in the Treegap woods, which were owned by the Foster family. On the day Winnie ran away, Mae Tuck goes to meet her two sons, Jesse and Miles, whom she hasn't seen for about ten years. As Winnie goes deeper into the woods, she finds a spring with.

Remember that people have completely unique sets of experiences that shape how they think and feel about things. Something else to keep in mind: Even perfectly pleasant human beings can have cranky days, lazy days, and confused days. Let's face it—we can't be thoughtful, clear-headed, and fair every moment of our lives. Our reviewers, though friendly and occasionally brilliant, are only human.

So, to be fair to you and to each book, we always give two points of view.

BWW Review: Life Springs Eternal in Nashville Children's Theatre's TUCK EVERLASTING

That way, if one reviewer is having a bad day and seems completely out to lunch, you can perhaps connect with the other reviewer. Got it? Knowing something about the reviewers might help you to understand their opinions. So, let's get to know them:. I'm Raoul, and I'm your worst nightmare.

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Just kidding! Actually, I hope to be a politician one day. I'm really good at juggling tasks and pretending to be in control, I can act friendly toward most people, and I'm sort of photogenic, which means I look awesome in photographs. In my free time I like to play clarinet in our school jazz band, go bowling, follow the stock market, and listen to music. That's what I have to say about Tuck Everlasting Raoul: I was truly moved by this book because I believe some of us should be more permanent than others.

In fact, I even plan on having myself frozen after I die. Why not? It's my contribution to future generations—people who might otherwise never get to know me.

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In my opinion, the Tuck family just doesn't know what to do with all that time they have. They're too boring to have everlasting life. Let me tell you, if the book were called Raoul Everlasting, it wouldn't be about me living out in the middle of the woods acting high-and-mighty about the meaning of life. This is how it would go: I find the spring. I get dragged to the Tuck home. I listen to them whine about what a curse the spring is, and I pretend to take it all to heart.

As soon as they trust me and let their guard down, I go back to the spring, have a nice long drink from it, then get to work on a business plan and a plan to keep the Tucks quiet. Let's face it, a spring like this would be a real benefit to mankind. I mean, I would be careful with the stuff.

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Believe me, I would only like to spend eternity with a select few people. I would use my natural-born wisdom and business sense in sharing the water. In short, this is a sad book about what happens when people lack ambition and common sense. The main characters mean well but they have bad attitudes. We can learn from their mistakes. Hello, my name is Carmen. I'm president of my own online club—Future Physicists of America. My other interests include collecting magnets, playing badminton, training my pet mice, and swing dancing.

I admit—I'm difficult to please. I hate clutter and I want everything to make sense. If it can't be explained by a graph or spread sheet, it probably won't interest me. Well that's me in a nutshell. So let's get to the task at hand, here is what I think about the book Carmen: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is a book for anyone who thinks living forever might be a good idea.

Death is a hard thing for most people to accept. Just think about the folks who plan to have their bodies frozen after they die. They hope that one day scientists will have the technology to thaw them out and send them on their way. Who knows—maybe right about now you're thinking, "Sounds like a plan to me!

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The story suggests that maybe people shouldn't try to interfere with this cycle by doing things to avoid death. Even if you violently disagree with this idea and are bound and determined to live forever, Tuck Everlasting is an interesting and entertaining book worth reading. The issue in Babbitt's book is not frozen bodies but a special spring that gives everlasting life to those who drink from it. The main character in the story, ten-year-old Winnie Foster, stumbles on the spring one day while exploring her family's woods.

At the spring she meets Jesse Tuck and quickly gets drawn into the unusual life he has with his brother and mother.

The problem is, until Winnie came along, only the Tuck family knew about the secret spring. And they have powerful, thoughtful reasons for wanting to keep it hidden from the rest of the world. The rest of the book focuses on what the Tucks, and eventually Winnie, go through to protect their amazing secret.

How It All Goes Down

As you read, you will have some tough decisions to make: What would you do if you were Winnie? Do you agree with the Tucks' attitude toward the spring? Do you agree with Winnie's actions? Tuck Everlasting asks readers to examine the idea of "forever" and think about the role of death in the cycle of life.