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How to prepare for your thesis defence

Submit all of the required content revisions and corrections to your committee chair for approval. Arrange for a post-defense submission that must take place before the doctoral deadline.

If the final deadline is exceeded, you will be required to enroll in the full term in which degree requirements are completed and pay tuition for 8 credit hours. Register for a Post-Defense Submission. Submit a complete, final, correctly formatted PDF of the dissertation to be the official copy on record in the University Deep Blue digital archive. OARD will perform a final format check. If format revisions are required you will need to make the corrections and re-submit the dissertation before p. EST on the deadline. The p. Washington St.

Ann Arbor, MI Phone: Completing the Doctoral Degree Requirements. Academic Probation Policy. Codes of Conduct. Petition Process. Note: Each candidate is required to successfully complete a minimum of 12 Dissertation credit hours Ed. The Chair will then contact the candidate and Committee to set a Final Defense date and time at least 14 days in advance. The Program Office will reserve an approved meeting location and distribute appointment invites to the candidate and Committee.

Defending Your Dissertation

The Notice of Defense must be submitted at least 14 days in advance , according to Graduate School policy. The candidate will present a minute oral defense of the study with an emphasis on the findings and the conclusions. The oral defense may not exceed 45 minutes.

The Chair will act as moderator to keep the exchange relevant and timely. The Committee will then meet with the candidate in a private session. Following the private session, the Chair will ask the candidate to leave the room while the Committee deliberates. What is Acceptable? What is Unacceptable? Where to go for help Lovitts, B. Thomson, P. Preparing for the PhD oral exam. Listen for your voice.

Oral Defense

Range of Questions Value-added and originality 1. What are the most original or value-added parts of your thesis? Which propositions or findings would you say are distinctively your own? How do you think your work takes forward or develops the literature in this field? How innovative or valuable are they? What does your work tell us that we did not know before? Origins and the scope of the research 6. Can you explain how you came to choose this topic for your doctorate What was it that first interested you about it?

How did the research focus change over time? Why have you defined the final topic in the way you did? What were some of the difficulties you encountered and how did they influence how the topic was framed? What main problems or issues did you have in deciding what was in-scope and out-of-scope?


Methods 1. What are the core methods used in this thesis?

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Why did you choose this approach? Data or information 3.

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What are the main sources or kinds of evidence? Are they strong enough in terms of their quantity and quality to sustain the conclusions that you draw?

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The promotion now becomes a possibility rather than a given emphasizing the question of if rather than when. The oral examination is a dissertation defense in which the candidate is expected to:. Doctoral Program of Study. In order to calm her nerves, Julia, a PhD candidate at Maastricht University, assures herself that her doctoral dissertation defense is just for show. About a month before the defense, schedule a meeting and discuss the defense format and range of possible questions.

Do the data or information you consider appropriately measure or relate to the theoretical concepts, or underlying social or physical phenomena, that you are interested in? Dunleavey, P.

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Top ten questions for the PhD oral exam. Range of Questions. How do you explain the differences of findings, or estimation, or interpretation between your work and that of other authors? What next? What are the main implications or lessons of your research for the future development of work in this specific sub-field?

Are there any wider implications for other parts of the discipline? James, E. Writing your doctoral dissertation or thesis faster : A proven map to success H.