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However , people often do not know about the high levels of sugar, fat, and other things that are added to junk food to make it last longer and taste better. If they were educated about this, like smokers are about smoking, then they would be likely to eat less junk food or stop completely.

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On the other hand , those who believe education will not work argue that people already know that junk food is not good for them, but they still keep eating it. No one believes that a candy bar is healthier than a piece of fruit. Moreover , warning labels on other harmful products, like cigarettes, are usually ignored because the product is so addictive. Overall, it seems that education is part of the answer but not the whole one. Most people know that junk food is not good for us, but they continue to eat it. Therefore, apart from educating people, other solutions are needed, like higher taxes on junk food.

see url There is currently a consensus among scientists that excessive consumption of junk food has disastrous consequences for our health. To overcome this, many believe that education is key, but others argue that attempting to educate people is futile. The following discussion will look at both sides of the issue before attempting to reach a conclusion on the effectiveness of education in relation to curbing the effects of junk food. Advocates of education state that if people truly knew what substances they were putting into their bodies and the deleterious effects those substances have, they would immediately cut down on junk food, or even eliminate it from their diet.

However, those who believe education is doomed to fail state that most consumers are already fully aware of the dangers of junk food, but continue to eat it because they are addicted or because they simply do not care about the risks. For example, cigarette smokers regularly ignore the warning labels on cigarette packs even though smoking is probably more dangerous than eating junk food.

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While education can be helpful, it is necessary to also implement stronger measures, such as raising taxes on junk food or banning the sale to vulnerable groups, like children. BAND 9. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. General Mills, he said, acted responsibly to both the public and shareholders by offering products to satisfy dieters and other concerned shoppers, from low sugar to added whole grains.

But most often, he said, people bought what they liked, and they liked what tasted good. Banning junk food in school will lead to children making healthier choices, solve the obesity problem, and solve teenage depression. School is the place where every student from such a young age needs to learn how to make right decisions about their eating behaviors.

We should teach children to develop a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning. As we know, that school is where children spend. Their brain screams take it, but their heart is begging them to stop for it can hardly breathe anymore. People, with their busy schedules, go to fast food restaurants everyday without thinking about if it is a good idea to eat there or. Junk Food Tax The current issue of junk food consumption and the overall obesity battle in America continues to plague our nation.

The intention of the tax is to minimize the consumption of unhealthy foods, which would expectantly lead to a healthier population. A junk food tax would also generate revenue for causes. The author opens by saying that, contrary to public belief, junk food is not cheaper than cooking a healthy meal at home. The author wrote this article in response to the addition of new data showing the rising rates of obesity due to the increase of consumption and availability of junk food.

This article can be divided into. There are nutritional snacks and there are non-nutritional snacks, also known as junk food. There is a fine line separating these classifications; big portions of nutritional food can prove to be unhealthy and small portions of junk food can be considered healthy. Disregarding these classifications differences, they share the same categories. Nutritional snacks and junk foods come in three distinct flavors: sweet, salty, or spicy. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be considered.

Others believe that there is no reason for the government to monitor the actions of people.

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To all, the serious health problems that the society has, is necessary to find a solution. Regardless of the private interests that will be affected if it is for the common good. Whether drugs, sugary sodas or junk food. It must put a stop to the indiscriminate sale, rigged laws or the lack of regulations preventing. The purpose of this article is to provide necessary information that would essentially help families save money when buying food and cooking at home.

The author.

Bittman purpose of this paper is to persuade people to stop buying fast food every so often and consider cooking home cooked meals. During the entire article Bittman uses different types of rhetorical.

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Junk food should be restricted in order to avoid addiction. Nowadays, the custom of consuming junk food is increasing day by day making it difficult for people to stop eating it due to its wide availability. Junk food can be seen everywhere, including markets, schools, and restaurants which make it impossible for people to neglect buying it. For instance, Joann Rodrigues, a girl who was addicted to sweets and other junk food, was consuming 15 bars of chocolate together with fast food every day until.

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Although children may ask for junk food because they like the taste or because their friends are eating it, parents undoubtedly already know that junk can have opposing effects on children. Junk food is low in nutrients and high in calories from added sugars, starches, or fats.

When junk food expels nutritious foods, the body does not get the protein, vitamins and minerals it needs. Many people have become accustomed to eating foods with high levels of refined sugars, processed grains, and a number of other unhealthy ingredients Trice, The purpose of the tax was to decrease the consumption of unhealthy foods. This tax would also generate revenue earmarked for relevant causes, such as; improving diet, obesity prevention, and nutrition education.

The underlying purpose is to focus on maximizing health benefits. It has sparked controversy on the levels of additional bureaucracy, interfering with personal liberties, and freedom of choice. Junk-Food Taxes Introduction. Junk food is usually classified as something high in calories but low in protein and holds very little nutritional value.

In the current generation, industries and factories have grown in number due to higher demands for sweets and high calorie foods. A good majority of the population ask for these substances, even when they know the negative effect they have can on one 's body.

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These foods can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Junk Food is Bad For People In the current generation, industries and factories have grown in number due to higher demands for sweets and high calorie foods. Junk food is usually classified as something high in calories, but low in protein and holds little nutritional value. Yet a good majority of the population asks for these substances, even when they. Bad Eating Junk food is what we are calling the new normal way of eating today.

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Essay on junk food is a common topic given to the school students during essay writing As we all know the truth about junk foods and it needs no introduction. Junk Food Essay. What is Junk Food? Junk food refers to foods with low to no nutritional value to the consumer. They are categorized as either pre-prepared or .

Most families live in a food desert. Once that was not the case when most families like yours and mine had home cooked meals all the time. Most mothers in those days stayed at home, but now times have changed. When teaching kids how to eat a plethora of various colors of healthy foods, we are teaching them proper nutrition and how to be successful as they 're growing up. This does not mean that they are poor and or.


You can simply put together the opposing views right after another and discuss what evidence confirms which argument, thus making a point that proves your thesis statement. Are they opposing your viewpoint, inclined to favor your side, or still undecided? That would be the chain of causes and effects. The fast food industries false advertisements, unhealthy food, and long term effects of consuming fast food all lead to the causes and effects of adulthood obesity in the lives of thousands of Americans today. However, the argumentative essay is commonly assigned at the very end of your studying of the certain discipline. There are certain school systems taking over meal plans and completely Words: - Pages: 7 Open Document.

Junk food is what we are calling the new norm know a day, but back that used to not be the case when most families like yours and mine had home cooked meals all the time whenever mothers were stay at home moms but now times have changed. Which does not mean that their poor and or low income it mostly. Some people favor the thought of junk food in school systems and feel as though kids should be able to eat what they want. Others believe that schools should provide students with healthier snacks and meals to eat.

The true question is, how much is too much? There are certain school systems taking over meal plans and completely banning the food selection for kids to only health choices. Kids should be able to make choices for themselves and eat the food they want.

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During the growing and developing stages of adolescents, students need a healthy and well balanced diet to help them grow into healthy adults. Adolescents spend more time at school than at home and two of their main meals, breakfast and lunch, are provided there if they choose to eat at school. By reducing and or eliminating junk food from schools it will reduce the health. The Nutritional Needs for a Junk Food Tax The American democracy needs to discover how to deal with the obesity epidemic that is currently affecting around one out of four Americans Moss.

Kelly Brownell, an economist and professor at Yale University, had first suggested the concept of implementing a higher tax on unhealthy foods, therefore encouraging consumers to pursue a more positive route within their diet. In , food taxes would gain popularity once the World Health Organization encouraged. But can this thing called we all call food reach the point where it becomes addicting putting our bodies at risk.

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I know I sure do. There is so many reasons why people love to eat and buy junk food, but also there are a lot of effects but mostly negative effects. I believe that the benefits outweigh the negative effects because there are more benefits compared to the main negative effect everyone should know on the top of their head which is bad health that can affect how long you can live on this earth.