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Experience like this has allowed myself to work to a higher standard and to care for the individuals I work with.

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This internship also gave me an exposure to numerous design software that engineers use together to maintain a successful operation. Advice to future interns The most difficult part of engineering is accepting the fact that no one knows everything. Successful engineers use all available resources available to produce valuable work. Become comfortable working in team settings because that is how successful organizations work.

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One of the more rewarding things about this experience has been the ability to apply things that I learned in some of my classes at UNR directly to the job here at BLM. Not just the fact that we use the exact same GIS software here as we learned on in class, but many of the real world applications of that software are directly related to things we studied in my UNR Geography classes.

Recently I was tasked with georeferencing some images. That is, aligning the images with real world reference points so they can be accurately layered into a GIS.

We learned the exact process in class so I already knew how to accomplish it and that was exciting. Another great aspect of working here has been the flexibility. I have a weekly hourly goal that I need to meet, usually about fifteen hours a week during a semester, and the BLM allows me to meet that goal on my schedule. If I need a day off to work on homework or write a paper, I can easily take a day off to do so and make up the time when I an available. Additionally during the summer and on winter break they allow me to work up to forty hours a week as well.

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First of all I think the people I have met and worked with here are some of the most respected GIS professionals in the industry so the fact that I have received some training from them will, I think, be a great asset for me moving forward. Second, the BLM is such a large organization that I am exposed to an incredible wealth of learning opportunities. From general professional training to conferences to industry specific technical training there is a constant opportunity to learn here, and just as important, it is encouraged.

Advice to future interns I think it's important to realize that no one expects you to have all of the answers when you start a job.

Reflections and learning from an internship experience

But they do expect you to consistently come to work, be on time, and demonstrate a willingness to work hard and to eventually discover those answers. And if you show that you are also willing to learn, people will respect you even more. I traveled across the state to collect field data on abandoned mine features throughout Nevada and secure those found to be hazardous by constructing T-post and barbed wire fences. Every week, starting Monday, 6 of the 8 of us interns drive out to our designated destination for the week. From there, we log, secure, and revisit abandoned mines.

This entails reading a GPS and topographic maps, driving off-road, and hiking up mountains, followed by sleeping under the stars. On Friday's we finish up our work and head back to the office where we plot our findings and upload all pictures and GPS Information. I allowed myself to remain in my personal comfort zone. As invaluable as this experience has been, looking back, I cannot say that there would be nothing I would change.

I learned responsibilities of working: being on time, dressing professionally, working hard, and having supervisors ect is all part of having a job. I am very aware that I will be starting out at the bottom of any company that I work for only to work myself up. I know that I am starting all over and I am looking forward to that. Having an internship only gives me more of a competitive edge because I got experience from that. Being able to utilize all the skills that I was taught at Auburn in a real-life situation is the best learning experience in the world.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most responsible person, but I have come to realize that responsibility sets a good employee apart from an excellent employee. I am in this internship because of my lack of willingness to get up and get an internship earlier in the school year, but everything happens for a reason. While being immersed in a company 40 hours a week for two and half months, I saw the pressure of deadlines, importance of appearance, the value of being a self motivator and the joy of loving your job.

This was a tough, stressful job that required all of my energy and time this summer. But all of the stress was very worth the fun that I had in this job. If I could change something about my college career, it would be that I interned more than once. Now that my internship is over I wish that I had the opportunity to try other jobs.

Interning is the best way to find out if you fit into that particular career. It also helps you learn and gain so much experience that you would not have had without being in the work force instead of the classroom. I feel that I now have a good idea what it is like to run your own business and what it is like to work closely with the public on a day-to-day basis.

I am so grateful for this experience in a somewhat sheltered environment. I now feel ready to conquer the world. Once I got into a routine and learned the jargon of the office I quickly began to enjoy my work day. The experiences that I have had this summer will be invaluable this fall as I move into another job.

Experiencing full work days and all their bumps and turns is something the classroom can never replicate with lectures and exams. The hands on, often pressure filled, work that I experienced will be a great advantage to me in my next work setting. Other than a monotonous task every now and then which is to be expected as an intern I have only praise for my experience this summer. It is impossible to understand the value of an internship until after you have done it. Going into this summer I saw very little necessity in the internship requirement, but now that I have completed it and will be working at a real job soon I can't imagine showing up to an interview or job with out the experiences I have had this summer.

It has taught me to not take things so personally, that business is business and it is not personal. Everyone must do their part and work as a team to meet monthly and yearly goals. Just being able to see how a business works and what really goes on beyond what you see on the surface has been an experience I can take with me. Having this internship has been a great lesson in how to cope with real problems and situations. I now feel more prepared to obtain my goals and have the career I have always wanted.

I know that not every student is fortunate enough to obtain an internship that will provide them with as much hands-on experience as mine has, but I wish that every student could. But now I know, college classes aren't enough, I got first hand experience in the "real world". Got my feet wet a little bit before I graduate college".

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I think that if I had had that experience and training myself then I would have learned a lot more in my internship. It gives us the opportunity to learn how to interact with other employees and gain experience in the working world.

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I think Auburn University and the College of Liberal Arts has prepared me extremely well for the work world. After having completed this internship I now feel ready and excited to pursue my career! I now feel that not only do I have a terrific education to support me but I now have the experience too.

My portfolio went from having a few examples of made up press releases to being full of work that has been used to promote the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center and the City of Auburn's Park and Recreation Department and work that I am proud to show off. It really doesn't matter how much you know about a subject if you aren't able to communicate it to other people.

I also realized how important it is to find a job in a field or involving an issue that you love and how choosing the right job is one of the most important decisions you can make. Having an internship of this nature also provided a great picture of living the "real world".

I know as a student I have become used to ten o'clock classes and very late nights, but this summer my hours had me up at six thirty every morning and in bed by eleven almost every night. It has been a good dose of reality and of what life will be like upon graduation. Many times an internship is a wake-up call to students that they're in the wrong major, but it was the opposite for me. It confirmed that I love the television news business and want to continue with it for a very long time.

As I stated before Andrea is the sales manager and indicated that the career opportunities are the same for women as men. There are many more 4. Wenzel did not have a definitive answer on what fringe benefits were exactly available in her position due to the fact that she just moved to this property from our sister property which had different forms of benefits. However she did state that she received benefits such as discounted rooms, paid holidays and vacation time. She also stated that traveling involving work or for training was paid for by the company.

Andrea also said she definitely has incentive to sell large blocks of rooms because an employee in her position receives commission for sales of rooms from groups, tour busses, events and conventions. Typically in a position such as this there is a fixed salary, depending on the property or location of the hotel the typical salary would be between 40, to 70, a year. When it comes to intangible benefits Mrs.

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Wenzel believed the assets and benefits that brought her the most joy were meeting the customers and guests that she created long-term relationships with, this not only helped her with receiving commission but helped our hotel gain a positive image, the company brand name and most importantly the guest. This job, Sales specifically is a lot about networking and creating good guest relations with customers that are long lasting, thus creating loyal customers and good clientele that bring in continuous revenue.

Internship Reflection : Summer Internships

Psychological Associates is located in the heart of Clayton, Missouri where I immediately fell in love with the culture and atmosphere of the company. Picture this, you could fill every seat at Madison Square Garden with people killed by drunk driving. I have learned to work well as a team and that without my counterparts the work would not get done. Upon arriving in the Dominican Republic I knew right away I was going to have an amazing time during my six month internship. Last but not least there are things that I have accomplished during my interns period here at East Beijing.

Which helps us progress as a company and as an individual property. Within this job you can also create good connections that can help you outside the business place in your personal life. In terms of special assistance for employees when it comes to their personal life, meaning stress management, drug or alcohol counseling, marriage counseling or any others. Our company does not specifically offer any of those options directly from the corporation, however they do offer support when it comes to those issues, meaning help from a local counseling or therapy 5.

Many of our employees have been working together for years and are very familiar with one another so the corporate culture was very well established at the property and the relationship between most employees was very good. If any special assistance was required from any employees at our hotel I am positive any of our managers would be more than happy to oblige them and offer them some sort of support, most likely that help would be coming from a local therapy or counseling company.